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Top 10 gift what to get your mum for christmas


You want to show your love with your mother and you don’t know what to get your mum for christmas. Is it jewelry or home decor, It become to your pretty stressful. Whatever you find christmas gift ideas, We ‘re sure Your mom will love it

1.Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike(I like best what to get your mum for christmas)



what to get your mum for christmas
Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike

I’ve been using this bike for about two years ,I absolutely love it and your mom will be love it.

I turn on the television and watch a movie or play video games and the time flies by!Sometimes, I honestly forget I’m riding it, though that depends how good the movie or video game is!

I have to get up every 30 minutes to stretch and give my buttocks a break, but it’s a very comfortable seat overall. I keep a pillow stashed between the seat and backrest for even more comfort.Plus, the legs rotate forward or backward, so you can ride in any direction you please. It also allows you to adjust the length from the seat to the pedals, so if you’re short or tall you can adjust it to fit your needs.

Also, it’s relatively heavy but the bottom of the unit includes rollers, so it rolls across the carpet or hardwood flooring for easy storage. The unit is magnetic so it’s very quiet–can’t hear a thing when you’re riding. The digital screen tracks time elapsed, calories burned, distance traveled and current speed; you can set it to rotate between these display options or set it to stick to a single option (for instance, if you only want to see time elapsed).

I lost 60 pounds over the course of a few months doing no other exercise other than riding this recumbent bike in my room. Yeah, it’s THAT good. Great exercise bike that’s well worth the price!

What to get your mum for christmas, It will be perfect

2.Alex and Ani Because I love you

what to get your mum for christmas
Alex and Ani Because I love you, Mom II Expandable Rafaelian Bracelet

You will love Alex and Ani bracelets and wanted what to get your mom for christmas. This bracelet was perfect! She absolutely loves it. There are some nice adjectives describing mothers on the back of the charm. It really is a great gift to let your mom know that you love her and are thinking about her. Overall, I would definitely recommend Alex and Ani bracelets to other people. They are reasonably priced and high quality.

3.Journey Diamond Mother and Child Heart Pendant-Necklace 

what to get your mum for christmas
Journey Diamond Mother and Child Heart Pendant-Necklace in Sterling Silver

ry pretty necklace! It really shines and would make any mother happy ! It came in a shiny silver box and necklace really shines and sparkles . it is a tad smaller than what I thought but not too small .  It’s really not too small at all! It’s just a little under an inch, but it’s very, very pretty. The chain isn’t as fragile as I thought it would be either by the reviews that I read. It looks like a good chain for this pendant. I’m very glad that I ordered this pendant after all, in spite of the negative reviews. I think it’s a very nice pendant!

4.Heart Shaped Memory Stone for Mom

what to get your mum for christmas
Heart Shaped Memory Stone for Mom

Good quality stone that seems like it would last outside for a while. It will be a perfect gift to get your mum for christmas, I’m sure that your mum will be surprise and like it so much.

5.KSM93IC 4.5qt Ultra Power Series Tilt Head Stand Mixer 

what to get your mum for christmas
KSM93IC 4.5qt Ultra Power Series Tilt Head Stand Mixer – Ice

It is about to become your favorite cooking and baking assistant.

Your mother will love it. It has changed her life. She like baking and she don’t need to do everything by hand sucked and getting this revolutionized her kitchen. She can’t do without it. it really handles a lot and easy to clean and easy to use. You buy it what to get your mum for christmas,you will never go back

6.Extra Large Wooden Jewelry Box

Your mother really needed something to help organize as well as display the jewelry that she has collected over the past couple of decades. This really did the trick without being too big. She love all the different options and the fact that the drawers have different sizes of dividers in them allowing for storage of different kinds of jewelry and watches. She only wish was that there were was a little more earring storage on the one side.

7.Sterling Silver Diamond-Accent Swish Bangle Bracelet

Surprise mom or grandma with a special token that celebrates the family she adores.It was in a beautiful gift box and was very shiny. Its is solid and petite, yes the diamonds are small, however not to small that you can’t see them. They give a lot of presence to the bracelet which makes it elegant and danty. It appears to be a quality product. Definitely recommend.

8.MyoBalls Pro7 – Foam Roller Balls

Everyone loves the health benefits from using it of: improved blood circulation, improved flow of nerve energy, enhanced lymph drainage, and stress and tension release. It also feels great!!! I highly recommend that everyone should receive the awesome health benefits from using the very effective.

9.Zyllion ZMA-13-BK Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat

This massager is better than I expected. I recommend it. It is effective and even can give heat. Most of all it is not expensive, not noisy and it says it will automatically turn off after about 20 minutes. It would be safe to use in a car because the auto turnoff feature would save your battery if you were parked and dozed off. I tried it on the side of my knee too. I guess it helped but it felt good no matter.

10.I LOVE YOU MOM gift AMAZING 3D Illusion Light

Looks good and is definitely worth the price. Just be aware that the lights are based off a single flat piece of glass/plastic that is inserted into the base which provides the lights. Some might expect this to be 3 dimensional, it is not. Those are much more expensive though, and these look good and have a variety of lights for you to pick your own color.